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Get Your Hands on my Sauce!
This was some time ago now so too late to try the sauce, but it was a memorable day. I had my first stand at the Berlin Chili Fest on 19th June 2021.  It was a great experience and I met many other Berlin chilli heads, who are a very friendly bunch and willing to share advice about producing and selling sauce. Thanks to Neil from Chilipunk for organising the event and to Justin from Not That Spicy for valuable advice about how to continue the quest (he also makes wonderful sauce, check his website).

The next Chilifest is on Sunday 16 July 2023. It will be held at the Sage Beach Club. Google map it here. Come on down! There are some good reviews of previous Chilifests on Google Maps.
I took a few photos at a recent Berlin Chilifest, on Saturday 3 September 2022 at the Berliner Berg Brewery. Craft beer, lots of great food and all things chilli, followed by a racy evening show. What's not to like! It was a great event, the best yet by far so look out for the next one: berlinchilifest.com

Below are a few pictures of the event. Click to enlarge.
Justin and his 'NotTooSpicy' sauces. Nice stuff.Homemade sauce competition. Still waiting for the results!Chilli Poppers!Family oriented biergarten.A Bollywood flash mob, they were fantastic.A family afternoon but when the sun went down the atmosphere changed :-)This was fun but definitely 'adult'.
Fantastic stuff!
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