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The 2024 Season
The 2024 season has just started and I have got my seeds ready to go. Check the progress below. They are all habaneros again this year as I have most success with them.

Fresh seeds, dried for months, now brought back to life with an overnight soaking.Using old supermarket meat trays, carefully spacing the seeds on damp kitchen paper. If they are bunched together, the roots bind and are hard to separate.77 seeds in each trayAnother layer of damp kitchen paper and they are ready to go.I've read conflicting views about dark vs. light for germination so I thought I would try for myself. I clamped the trays together to reduce evaporation and put them on the window sill. Green gingers crossed!As it is January, a heat mat provides a constant warm temperature.These new starter trays look promising.Tools supplied.Very tidy.And built-in LED grow lights, with a timer!Light for 12 hours per day and heat 24/7Taps Aff!Looking good!A little too much heat has resulted in dried soil and dead seedlings!Luckily I had some fresh habs to take some new seeds from.Straight into the soil with these as the cases should already be soft. This has slowed the process but there should be plenty of time for them to develop.

The 2023 season was a disaster. My seeds didn't develop and I left it way too late for the Scotch Bonnett plants that I bought. The summer was over by the time they started to ripen.

The 2022 season much better and I tried a lot of different varieties. Photos can be seen here.